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The One Anothers 3

I have been diving deep into the study of the thought that as Christ-Followers, we are to be “One Anothers.” I’m finding that it means we are to be individual strands that come together to form a strong rope. We are to be intertwined and interdependent. Additionally, we are to be people of grace.

Grace displays itself in attitude. For some people, their default mode is set to grumbling. As you take self-assessment, do you find that you are not a person with the best attitude? Is your default mode grumbling and complaining? Work on it!

Grace displays itself in stewardship. Did you not realize that, when you fail to be a gracious Christian, you may also be failing be a responsible Christian? God has entrusted us with stewardship over displaying his grace, through our faith and actions. So, work on it!

Years ago, one of my professors (Dr. Paul Benware) during my years at Moody Bible Institute once said, “The credibility of one’s faith and claim is seen by the quality of life that is lived.” Do you find that you have not been the best example of being a steward of God’s Grace? Work on it!

Allow God work on you, and also work on yourself. Otherwise, you will live out your Christian life as a grumbling, ungracious example of faithlessness. Instead, work to live as a wise steward of God’s grace.

Grace is a gift given by God. Not so that you can mishandle it, but so that you can use it to serve One Another.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:”

(1 Peter 4:10)

Just some gracious thoughts, from the Heart and Mind of Victor.