Introducing people in Woodbridge, VA to Jesus




So, you want to be baptized?

This is a great event and CBC is excited by the opportunity to celebrate it with you.

Baptism Is An Expression!

Your baptism will mark a very special moment in your life, the moment when you publicly expressed your faith in Christ.

Baptism Is A Celebration Of Your New Life In Christ.

It is a chance for your brothers and sisters, in Christ, to celebrate with you your commitment to your new life in Christ.

Baptism Is An Expression Of Your Faith.

Baptism is not the act of salvation.  Baptism is an opportunity for you to express publicly what you have already confessed privately.  If you are unsure about your salvation we would be honored to speak to you further.


Fill out this form and submit it to the church office.

We will schedule a time for you to meet and discuss your desire to be baptized and to answer any questions you may have.