Introducing people in Woodbridge, VA to Jesus

Psalm 23

table-psalm-23-5“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” (Psalm 23:5)

The symbolism is unmistakable here. As I have said many times before, God’s people love to eat. I guess we just can’t help it. Even as I write, images of chicken wings dance through my head.

Frankly, truth be told, food is a major part of culture. It allows for social interaction, expression of hospitality, kindness and love. It is also true that, not only does eating bring strength, but it also brings comfort.

The words of this verse of psalm 23 are not symbolic of an unhealthy diet or of over-eating. This is spiritual food of which we speak. It consists of a steady diet of reading God’s word, prayer and meditation upon the savior. What is most astounding is, this is eating that is being done in the mist of the valley. In midst of darkness, danger and fear, and with enemies nipping at your heels. God will nourish you, as he did with Elijah in the wilderness as he hid from Jezebel.

You see, even in the midst of not having the best day of your life, he is able to provide for you, feed you and fill the cup of your heart to overflowing. So, be encourage today and be blessed to overflowing.

Just some nourishing thoughts from the Heart and Mind of Victor.