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Building Use

Thank you for your interest in using Calvary's facilities. Please review all of the following information in its entirety, and, when ready, use the buttons above to submit a building use request, complete the post-event checklist, or to report damage.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the office at 703 670 7217.

Outside Organization Definition

The Buildings and Grounds of Calvary Baptist Church are tools provided by God for the main purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through numerous ministries administered by Calvary Baptist Church. The term ‘outside organization’ refers to any group or activity that is not a ministry of Calvary Baptist. The Ministry Activities of Calvary Baptist Church will have priority in the usage of CBC buildings and grounds.

If you would like to request use of the building please review the following materials.

Non-Calvary Baptist Church Usage

A. Other Church/Organization Usage.

Other Churches/Organizations (hereafter referred to as Outside Organization) desiring the usage of Calvary Baptist Church’s buildings and grounds shall be coordinated with the designated representative of CBC. The Outside Organization shall fill out a Buildings and Grounds Use Application/Request form for Outside Organizations and submit the application to the administrative assistant for approval. If necessary, the Board of Elders shall verify that the Outside Organization is not in conflict with Calvary Baptist Church’s Biblical doctrine as stated in the Church’s Constitution. If deemed necessary, the Elder board may choose to consult the Deacon board. The designated representative of CBC shall be responsible for executing an agreement between Calvary Baptist Church and the Outside Organization. The church administrative assistant shall be responsible for coordinating the usage of the master calendar.

1. Additionally, the following terms must be met:

a) The Organization shall provide Calvary Baptist Church with a certificate of insurance naming Calvary Baptist Church as additionally insured for liability in the amount of $1,000,000.00 through the Outside Organization’s insurance company when using Buildings and Grounds of Calvary Baptist Church.

b) The Outside Organization using the buildings and grounds shall be charged a rental fee.

c) Any Organization using the Family Life Center gymnasium/auditorium for athletic events shall provide a damage security deposit of $300.00 payable when the agreement is executed.

d) Any Organization using the buildings and grounds for meeting purposes other than athletics shall provide a damage security deposit of $100.00 payable when the agreement is executed.

e) Organizations shall be reimbursed their deposits after inspection when the agreement has expired.

f) Once approved, key-code will be given to the Organization to enter the building.

B. Weddings and Wedding Receptions

Building usage for weddings and wedding receptions is reserved for members of Calvary Baptist Church and thus, is not available to non-members of Calvary Baptist Church.

C. Funerals

Funerals are accommodated on a case by case basis.

D. Hours of Usage

The hours of use shall normally be restricted to the period listed on the application.

E. Acceptable Conduct

Groups using the CBC facilities shall conduct activities that are orderly and lawful.

F. Supervision

No program shall be in operation unless the users/supervisors appointed by the applicant signing the contractual agreement are present.

G. Damages to Facility and Equipment

There will be no altering/modification of church property for any reason. Damages occurring during use must be reported on the Checklist and to the church administrative assistant with the user acknowledging by signature. Payment for damages is the financial responsibility of the user.

H. Equipment

Church/Non-church equipment may not be used unless specific authorization is given. Rooms used must be returned to their original configuration. Any kitchen items used must be cleaned and returned to their original location.

I. Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages may be served, consumed, or brought upon CBC property.

J. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted within any area of the Original Building or FLC.

K. Food and Beverages

There will be no cooking allowed in the Original Building. The preparation and serving of food in the FLC will generally be limited to the kitchen and fellowship rooms.

L. Animals

Animals are not permitted inside of CBC facilities, except for service animals.

M. Parking

Parking of vehicles on church grounds shall be confined to approved parking spaces.

N. Personal Gain

Church facilities and equipment are generally not be used for personal or financial gain or for storage of personal property.

O. Building Use Restrictions:

The Church’s Real Estate may be used only for purposes and in ways consistent with the Church’s doctrinal beliefs as reflected in the Bible, the Church’s Covenant as stated in the constitution of its policies, bylaws, and otherwise, particularly with respect to activities, standards, and other conduct. The Church Leadership shall be the final decision-maker regarding whether any use is in conformity with, or contrary to, the Church’s religious doctrine. The Leadership reserves the right to decline any application for use without explanation.